The music of The Witch’s Kiss

This is a blog post we wrote a couple of months back as part of our blog tour; the post was hosted by the lovely Andrew over at The Pewter Wolf. Someone was asking us again the other day about what soundtrack we’d choose, if The Witch’s Kiss  got made into a film (and assuming […]

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Back to School
Back To School

There are all sorts of events that authors do: festivals, conventions, bookshop talks, school visits. Since Liz and I are both somewhere on the scale of ‘mildly introverted’ all the way through to ‘completely introverted’, standing up in front of strangers and talking to them isn’t our most favourite thing to do. Still, in the […]

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From Agent to Bookshelf

Before we had an agent, getting one felt like the end of the process. The goal. After all, we’d read the statistics. About agents only taking on 0.1% of submissions, or something like that. The possibility seemed so remote, we didn’t even bother to think about what might come next. So we were kind of […]

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From idea to agent…

Here’s a thing: The Witch’s Kiss is our debut, but it’s not actually the first book that Liz and I have written together. We began TWK in the summer of 2014, but we’d started writing together two years earlier, on a project I’m going to call Rookie Novel 1. RN1 took a long time to […]

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Once upon a time…

There was an article in the Telegraph a few weeks back titled ‘Fantasy books such as Game of Thrones can damage children’s brains’. The article was quoting a head-teacher who recommended younger children should be protected from the “damaging effects” of fantasy literature, including Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Terry Pratchett. Frankly, I […]

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Sister Act

I write books with my little sister, Elizabeth. And on 30th June (that’s only seven weeks away. SEVEN WEEKS!), our debut novel, The Witch’s Kiss, will be published by HarperCollins. And that’s not a sentence either of us really thought we’d actually get to write. The first thing most people ask when we meet them […]

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