Our First YALC

We were overjoyed to be invited to YALC for the first time this year. For those of you who don’t know, YALC is the Young Adult Literary Convention, and it’s been running for the last four years as part of the London Comic Con. Being asked to participate is a life goal for most YA authors, us included.

It takes two…

Our panel was on Collaboration and it was the very first panel of the convention: 10am on the Friday morning. We got to London Olympia bright and early – really, seriously early, we were the first authors there – but it gave us a chance to look around the stands and get the feel of the place before it got crowded. It was great to see all the publishers’ stalls, all the book-related goodies, and of course the famous book wall.

Back in the green room we met up with Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison, our fellow panelists, and our wonderful chair, Mel Salisbury. One quick group photo for the YALC Insta feed, and then we were off!

Panels are usually fun, and this was no different. We quickly discovered similarities in how our partnerships work: for example, Tom and I are both really keen on grammar, while Lucy and Elizabeth are…. less concerned. There are differences too: Liz and I like to plot out the story in advance (even if the outline usually ends up changing), while Tom and Lucy go with the flow more. Mel asked some great questions and we got some good ones from the floor too. My favourite: who is the best Chris.

(The answer is Helmsworth, obviously. Sorry Mel and Liz).

Hope you remembered your Sharpie…

After our panel we had a signing slot, with an ACTUAL QUEUE. It was fantastic to meet new readers and existing friends. A special shout out to Ciara (we love your art!), Amy (so glad you made it!), Kirsty (thanks for sharing that photo with us!), Zillan (super excited about November!) and Maddie and Bee (yay sisters writing together!). We were especially thrilled to finally meet our favourite blogger and all round amazing person, Zoe Collins. (Thanks again for all the chocolate Zoe!).


The excitment of the signing queue was almost too much. We wandered round in a daze for a bit after, though we did get to say hi to the lovely Steph at Geeky Clean. I also managed to lose my purse (see? Dazed.) but luckily Steph found it and we were reunited. And then…

And then, we had to go home. Sadly for us, YALC concided with a publising deadline. We had to turn in the first draft of our third book (The Witch’s Blood) on Monday. So we missed the Buffy Panel, we missed Non Pratt shaving her hair off, we missed the BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH drama.

But we did make our deadline. And there’s always next year…


6 thoughts on “Our First YALC

  • Susan Mann

    Sounds like you had a great time. Shame you didn’t get to see it all, but must be so difficult x

    • Katharine

      The timing wasn’t great but we did enjoy it, and we got the draft finished which was really important! xx

  • Amy

    Glad you both had a good time xx

    • Katharine

      Thanks Amy! xx

  • Gill Edwards

    Great post and lots of memories in those photos. It sounds such a lot of fun, maybe ill get there one year.

    • Katharine

      Thanks Gill! It was fun, definitely worth the trip if you can make it!


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