The Witch’s Kiss comes to the USA!

This is an exciting week for us: nearly sixteen months after its publication in the UK, The Witch’s Kiss came out on Tuesday in the USA. Our first book baby going on sale in actual bookshops (sorry – bookstores) across the pond is a big deal, so we thought we’d celebrate by fangirling about our favourite bits of America and American culture.

The Angel of the Waters – Central Park, New York

This statue may not in fact come to life at midnight on the winter solstice (we haven’t been there to check – yet) but it certainly looks as if it ought to. It reminds us of some of our favourite books (Good Omens, The Mortal Instruments and The Enchanted Castle all spring to mind) and it never fails to send shivers down our spines.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

From a statue of an angel to David Boreanz as Angel. Buffy 100% deserves its cult status and all the accolades it’s won, and is one of the two best ever American TV series, in our opinion. After all, it has witches, the best TV librarian ever and a truly kick-ass heroine. We’ve watched our favourite episodes over and over again (and yes, we can sing along to all the songs in ‘Once More With Feeling’). Confession time: we both prefer Spike to Angel; he may be a vampire, but at least he’s funny.

The National Air & Space Museum, Washington

Who wouldn’t fall in love with a museum where you can see a Lunar Module plus an original Mercury capsule with ACTUAL SPACE DAMAGE on it? This enormous museum is also one of our favourites because it houses the original model used in shooting a TV show that we’re just a little bit obsessed with…


Star Trek

With the exception of Enterprise (the series starring Scott Bakula), and The Final Frontier (the utterly pants fifth film), we are massive fans of all things Star Trek. We’re very excited about Discovery (that’s the new TV series) especially since it’s coming out the same month that The Witch’s Kiss hits the shelves. It must be a sign…

The Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco

A super cool bridge in its own right, the Golden Gate also featured in Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home (see above) plus countless of our other film and TV favourites.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios

Our favourite place of Harry Potter pilgrimage is the Warner Brothers Studios in Watford, but we also love the Harry Potter theme park at Universal. Sadly, neither of us have yet been chosen to pick a wand in Olivander’s wand shop, but we live in hope.




Franklin D Roosevelt and Martin Luther King memorials, Washington

From a fictional hero to real life heroes. FDR is definitely our favourite American president, and both he and Martin Luther King are amazingly inspirational. That carries through to the memorials to the two men in Washington. Both memorials include quotes from those they commemorate, and these are two of our favourites:


Our favourite films are Frozen (because sisters, obviously) and Tangled (because smacking baddies with a frying pan seems like a very satisfying thing to do).  Our favourite character is obviously Maleficent – inspiration for Gwydion in The Witch’s Kiss. Favourite rides are Ratatouille (Disneyland Paris) and Soarin’ (Epcot) – though we do object to the spelling. Soaring. It has a ‘g’ at the end, Disney!





Library of Congress, Washington

Because it’s a LIBRARY! And it’s GORGEOUS! Seriously, have you seen the reading room? Oh, and when we were there in the summer they had on display the original final script of Wonder Woman. What more could you ask?

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